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NEON Europe was born out of a need to tackle the root causes of the common problems we face across Europe.

Starting as a project of the New Economy Organisers Network, we bring together  European activists, organisers and campaigners working to replace neoliberalism with an economy and politics based on social and environmental justice. The projects we run in NEON Europe are designed and delivered to support activists working across the continent.

Keep Me Updated



A space to connect, share and learn about the challenges of building an alternative economy and politics.

Skill Up

Training and events to build skills, insight and leadership of organisers working for systems change.


Bridging political, institutional, geographic and identity divides to find shared values and strategies.

Happening now

New Form of Leadership Training 2

Action learning

NEON Europe’s Action learning programme brings together groups of activists to solve complex strategic problems.

Current groups:

  • European Coordinators with Martin Pairet from European Alternatives
  • Women of Colour in activism with Jamie Schearer, European Network for People of African Descent

More about NEON Europe

What is NEON Europe?

NEON Europe is a European chapter of the New Economy Organisers Network. It began in 2015 from a need to tackle the root causes of the problems we face through progressive, international collaboration. Our members represent trade unions, grassroots groups, NGOs, faith-based campaigns, political parties and further across a diverse European civil society.

Click here to read the story so far.

How can NEON Europe help you?

In addition to the projects we design and deliver, the NEON team are also available to support your organisation or organising team in the work you do. As an example of some of our tools and resources that we use to run training sessions and coaching support for activists and campaigners, take a look here.

How are we funded?

The project is funded by a mix of contributions from participants and from project funding of host organisation NEON. The current project funding comes from Open Society Foundation – Initiative for Europe. We would love to speak to funders who are interested in supporting longer-term programmes. If you are a founder, connect with

Get involved

We send out regular emails updates on our activities – sign up here or get in touch with Lead Organiser Guppi Bola at to introduce yourself.