Our trainings, network and cross cutting projects connect people, organisations and movements, focus our movements on key battles and build the leaders and organisations we need to win:


Movement Builders – training the next generation of movement leaders
Half theory, half practical tools, this course puts you in a room with 30 organisers across your region to think about the role of movements in leading change, learning from the world’s most effective groups, leaving you with analysis and tactics to apply to your own organising work.

Spokesperson Network – training and booking a new generation of media spokespeople
Two days of intensive training to speak in the media, followed by  24/7 press support to help book you into the media based on the day’s news; we cover a wide range of topics and have booked over 650 media appearances from migrant rights to inequality, housing, education and health to race, policing to the environment, Brexit and the economy. If you’re a media organisation and want to book someone, contact kevin@neweconomyorganisers.org or call 07926 222 879

OrgBuilders – coaching the next generation of organisations
Designed for people setting up new orgs or changing existing organisations. This 12 month programme gives you one-on-one monthly coaching to help support your leadership. We’re focused on building the strategy, structure and operations that help organisations win, long-term.


You can see and apply for upcoming programmes.

The NEON network

We run a network of over 1,600 organisers from over 900 groups across grassroots groups, NGOs, politicians and journalists. The network and web platform allows people to find one another, talk about and plan around the big issues of the day.

We also provide special support and campaigning on key battleground issues: these are currently migrant rights, climate justice, health, housing and precarious work organising where we work with NEON members to run better, more effective action.

Members get first access to courses. To find out more and apply – visit the application page.

Cross cutting projects

We run a few cross cutting programmes helping tackle key strategic issues facing progressive organising. Right now these projects are:

Framing the Economy
A large two year programme to work out how people reason about the economy and how we can tell a winning story. We’re coordinating a network of over 50 leading progressive communicators to design the story along with the New Economics Foundation, The Public Interest Research Centre and the Frameworks Institute. Results are due in autumn 2017.

Open source toolkit
We open source most of our campaigning resources – offering our content for free wherever possible. Take a look at our resources page for event planning templates, strategies, reading lists and Lumen – the networking platform which we developed to run our own network.


We can also provide bespoke trainings and consultancy work for aligned groups in certain circumstances. This can be across any of our areas of expertise from media training to strategy sessions, ongoing coaching or one off political education trainings. We’ve worked with groups like Friends of the Earth or Tear Fund on strategy and media skills in the past and provided political education for several of the big trade unions and Labour party in the past. Email charlotte@neweconomyorganisers.org to discuss your needs.