Training the next generation of movement leaders


Half theory, half practical tools, this five day course puts you in a room with 30 organisers across your region to think about the role of movements in leading change, learning from the world’s most effective groups, leaving you with analysis and tactics to apply to your own organising work. The training will be focused around four core themes:

  • Context and analysis: how did we get here and what roles do social movements and other forms of organising play in creating change
  • Movement story: what roles does storytelling in creating change and how do we tell a story of us?
  • Strategy: What are the key building blocks of creating change? From the role of analysing the context to how to choose the correct tactic to deploy
  • Structure: How can we organise ourselves to bring about change in our movements and groups? Learn about core concepts like how to absorb the the energy of high engagement moments back into your group to the importance of creating a culture of learning to build the skills of your movement

Who is it for?

Organisers and activists interested in big change.


NEON’s Movement Builders programme draws on the wealth of skills, knowledge and know-how from people within the NEON network and beyond who’ve either led movements or spent decades thinking and learning about what it takes to build and sustain them. The programme will reflect on the lessons of some of the world’s most effective social movements, analysing how these struggles lay the groundwork for much of the inspirational social change work happening today, and how we might continue to take these lessons forward to build successful systemic movements that can win.

As well as being developed collaboratively with Momentum trainers in the US, NEON’s Movement Builders programme has an advisory group comprised of representatives from Cosecha, Take Back the City, Hope Not Hate, Sisters Uncut, Oxford University, University of East London,, Public Interest Research Centre and the National Union of Teachers. The programme is also supported by partners and stakeholders from Podemos, 15M, Campaign Bootcamp, Migrants Rights Network, and Sum of Us.

How to apply

Upcoming courses:
Course 1: Sep 22-26, London
Course 2: Nov (dates TBC), Manchester

Check the Apply page for upcoming courses.