Coaching for the next generation of organisations.


OrgBuilders is a 12 month coaching programme for early stage organisations, or established organisations in a phase of transformation, to receive specialist coaching, led by Charlotte Millar, Head of Training for NEON and co-founder of the Finance Innovation Lab.

The programme consists of:

  • Monthly one-on-one coaching on all aspects of organisation building: from developing your theory of change to fundraising and team building
  • Group training sessions, diving deep into thorny aspects of organisation building, such as governance, HR or operations

The result will be clearer focused organisations with better strategy, smoother running and better set-up to succeed.


Who is it for?

Groups / organisations in the early stages of operating or in a distinct period of transformation (e.g. re-writing their strategy or in a growth phase)

OrgBuilder participants will be:

  • 1-2 people from 10 organisations which are either in the early stages of operating  (0-7 years) or in a distinct period of transformation (e.g. adapting their strategy)
  • We are particularly keen to support work on health, housing, climate justice, migration and precarious work, but welcome applications from organisations working on other issues.
  • We welcome applications from organisations with varying approaches to change: you could be a campaign group or a training provider or a policy / advocacy group
  • We will prioritise applications from organisations that are run by and/or support communities directly affected by social and economic injustice


“We have created a functioning DNA which informed our recruitment process and our communications. We have a clearer idea of our workstreams and how they connect – and have a stronger team because of it.”  Ruby Breward, Greater Manchester Housing Action

“OrgBuilders offers you invaluable time to confront the challenges your collective, organisation or action group faces and make significant changes to improve its functioning, sustainability and impact.” Lucy Mason, Tripod 

“The impact the training has had on the network is clarity of purpose of the network, better internal communication in the network, a better website and digital communications process. We are now clear on the next steps for our growth.” Cheryl Bowen, Museum Detox

“OrgBuilders is a fantastic training programme. It involves incredibly useful coaching. Every session leads to new insights and perspectives which help to take your organisation forward. You can feel supported in growing and developing a strong, sustainable, scalable organisation.” Cat Hobbs, We Own It

“The coaching and one-to-one support were incredibly useful and helpful. The coaching provided partnership and someone to bounce ideas off, as we developed our organisational strategy.” Rizwan Hussain, Jawaab


Now more than ever, we need strong, connected organisations working effectively for social, economic and environmental change. But there are a million things that stop our organisations from making lasting change, from governance to fundraising to the lack of a proper strategy. It has become all too common to see great organisations crumble under the weight of the huge issues we are all grappling with. NEON’s OrgBuilders is here to change that.



  • This will be a national cohort of 10 organisations, so we encourage organisations to apply from all regions of the UK. Monthly coaching can be conducted in person or virtually.
  • Group trainings will either be in person in London (where NEON’s office is based) or by webinar will be in person workshop days, most likely in London


  • The programme will run October 2018 – September 2019, with monthly coaching starting in October 2018.


  • The cost of providing each place on the course is approx. £4,500.
  • We have scholarships available as we don’t want to exclude any participants from the programme.
  • However, if you are from an organisation with a budget over £100k we would ask you to consider making a financial contribution to the programme. We can work the amount out with you individually.

How to apply

Applications for the next cohort of OrgBuilders are now closed.

If you have any questions or would like more info, get in touch with Charlotte Millar, NEON’s Head of Training: