Running Successful Movement Organisations

Introducing Three Practical Toolkits

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What is this?

NEON is excited to announce our upcoming series of practical webinars on developing organisational strategy, culture and structure in social justice movement organisations.

These webinars will open space for discussion about how social inequalities and injustice can be replicated internally within movement organisations, and offer a platform to showcase alternative approaches that organisations can put into place to build organisations that reflect the kind of change they want to see in the world.

We will also be sharing links to our three organisational toolkits to provide you with the tools and resources you need to transform your organisation into one which can win. Our toolkits bring together learning, expertise and tools from the wider movement, as well as drawing on NEON’s own experience in this area, to provide tangible guidance for organisations wishing to start or progress this journey.

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Webinar 1

Organisational Strategy – Imagining and Planning Change with Charlotte Millar and Dan Vockins

16th November 2021, 5pm – 6pm (GMT)

Spotlight Tools: Systems Analysis and Creating a Theory of Change

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Webinar 2

Organisational Culture – What it feels like to work in your organisation with Paul from Navigate

22nd November 2021, 5pm – 6pm (GMT)

Spotlight Tool: Conflict and Feedback

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Webinar 3

Structure and Operations – The nuts and bolts of running an organisation with Nati and Rich from The Hum

25th November 2021, 5pm – 6pm (GMT)

Spotlight Tool: Effective decision making systems

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* You can register to attend any one of the webinars or all three!



These webinars are free to attend but if you’d like to make a contribution you can make a payment via Paypal. Any contribution is greatly appreciated.


All three webinars will be held online over zoom. Once you have registered your place via the Zoom registration links above you will receive a confirmation email with details on how to join the webinar and a reminder of the timings.

Contact Carrie Magee, Head of Movement Coaching, if you have any questions: