Covid-19 social movements report

In May 2020, NEON commissioned Align to produce a report looking at how social movements in the UK are responding to COVID-19. Funded by the Lankelly Chase Foundation and building on existing NEON thinking and frameworks, the report covers the headlines on how actors from across the housing, migration and climate movements, 3 of NEON’s core battleground issues, are responding to the coronavirus crisis.
The report provides an analysis of the insights gathered from interviews focused primarily on the challenges experienced due to the crisis and ensuing lockdown, the ways in which work shifted, and the opportunities that materialised. Our hope is that this report can hold up a mirror to the movement by reflecting on shared trends and emerging needs and that it might
encourage collective action around areas of convergence, and provide funders with greater insight that informs how best to support social movements moving forward in light of the crisis and its impacts.
Read the report here.