Comms Hub

The Comms Hub was founded by NEON to help social movements communicate more effectively. Working together with PIRC we help people develop effective messaging, master interview techniques and improve their press officer skills. Our aim is to have more persuasive and representative voices in the media.

The Hub already has a number of key resources available and ready to be used. If you need help with your communications – from writing press releases to preparing for a media interview – please do get in touch.


We run a number of trainings. Twice a year we run National Spokesperson Network trainings and Regional Spokesperson Network trainings. We also run two Press Officer Schools per year, and people working in comms roles are welcome to apply to join the Press Officer Network at any time for access to monthly evening events, workshops and online discussion.

Press Officer Handbook
Being a press officer means different things to different people, but at its most basic it’s your job to help your cause or organisation communicate what you are doing for the world. You might be part of a communications team, or the only press officer in your organisation – or maybe you aren’t even being paid to do the press work.

We know it’s not an easy role – and that’s why we’ve produced a Press Officer Handbook to help people in the movement do brilliant press work.

Developing your messaging

We’re working together with campaigners, policy experts and social movements to develop persuasive messaging. Through day long workshops we analyse the public’s mood and craft a narrative which persuades people of the need for radical change. So far we’ve helped strengthen messaging on tax, personal debt and airport expansion – and we’ll be adding to our messaging bank throughout the year. We also produced (alongside NEF and Frameworks) the ‘Framing the Economy‘ guide – which you should read if you want to communicate well about the economy.

We are also working with with world renowned framing and messaging expert Anat Shenker-Osorio to offer an advanced messaging programme for NEON members.

Helping your campaign

We are also committed to helping social movements and campaigns with improving their communications. That’s why we co-ordinated the media campaign for the Stansted 15, helped put the Orkambi drug scandal on front pages, supported the Global School Student Climate Strike and were instrumental in making the Trump Baby go global. If you think we might be able to help you just drop us an email. 

How we work with PIRC

NEON and PIRC work together as strategic partners on the Communications Hub. NEON founded the project and leads the communications, messaging and rapid response elements including all media work and spokesperson network training. PIRC leads the narrative and framing research including the longer-form narrative programmes and the content and research for the messaging days. Neither organisation is responsible for the activity of the other.