A two year project to come up with a new story on the economy – based on how people across the UK think about the economy and how civil society campaigners can use this understanding to better communicate.

NEON is partnering with PIRC, the FrameWorks Institute and the New Economics Foundation. During the project we’ll organise interviews, surveys, focus groups and literature reviews, working alongside a network of 50 campaigners and communicators to help apply this research to areas such as housing, energy and tax. NEON’s role is to host the network associated with the project and to help implement the findings into programmes like our Spokesperson Network.


What is the story of the economy in Britain? Who gets to shape public opinion about what it’s for, how it’s broken and why?  We want to help civil society communicate and organise more effectively, to help bring about the changes needed to move to a sustainable, equitable and democratic economy.

The way people think about the economy is deeply affected by what stories (explicitly or implicitly) we’re told, how often, and by whom. It’s a subject rich in metaphor (economy as a pie, household budget or force of nature) and linked to our deeper beliefs about how the world works (who has power and why, how wealth is created, what’s the role of Government etc.) therefore getting this story right matters immensely.

We are also leading a communications infrastructure review – looking into some of the structural causes of progressive communications failures and what practices, programmes and institutions might help us to respond to these.

How to get involved

We have already selected the network for this project. Email Ellie to be invited to one of the results presentations.