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Applications for OrgBuilders July 2021 have now closed

Running Successful Movement Organisations: Introducing 3 Practical Toolkits

Our organisational toolkits provide you with the tools and resources you need to transform your organisation into one which can win. Our toolkits bring together learning, expertise and tools from the wider movement, as well as drawing on NEON’s own experience in this area, to provide tangible guidance for organisations wishing to start or progress this journey.

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What's the programme?

OrgBuilders is a 12 month programme that equips organisations with the tools to build your values into every aspect of your organisation, from strategy to structure to systems and processes, for the long haul. Whether your organisation is in the early stages, or you are more established and looking to transform your current ways of working, OrgBuilders can help. 

The programme consists of:

  • Quarterly training sessions on the essential components of an organisation’s DNA – strategy, culture and structure
  • 3 detailed toolkits that introduce key concepts and tools
  • Monthly coaching sessions with expert coaches that will support you to implement the learnings within your organisation
  • Support for onward planning and implementation beyond the life of the programme

Why are we doing it?

NEON exists to build the power of movements for social, environmental and economic justice, and we recognise that the existence of powerful and resilient organisations is a critical role to this mission. Like so many of our members, we believe it is possible to innovate ways of working that allow us to bring our values and ethos into every aspect of our work, without compromising on the effectiveness of organisational outcomes. We know that too often, social justice organisations are characterised by overwork and burnout, with staff feeling overwhelmed by the sheer scale of the task at hand. We also believe that this toxic culture is a direct result of the difficulty created when trying to undertake social justice work within an extractive, neoliberal economic system that encourages individualism, alienation and competition. But it doesn’t have to be this way. OrgBuilders will help you to create safe and supportive working environments in which your people feel empowered to bring new ideas and try new things, and where your org as a whole feels plugged into a wider movement capable of achieving change on the scale we need right now.

Who is it for?

OrgBuilders is designed for leaders of social justice organisations, either in emerging, early stages or in a period of transformation. These leaders:

  • Are interested in new ways of working and progressive leadership
  • Are seeking ways of to gain clarity on their strategy and build their values into every aspect of their organisations
  • Are ready to work collaboratively to make systemic changes in their organisation
  • Have decision making power in their organisation, and/or manage other staff

In line with our principles of collaborative leadership and shared power, we invite two applicants from each organisation, who will work together throughout the course to take their learning from OrgBuilders forward into their organisation. It doesn’t necessarily matter what role you’re in, as long as your role involves making structural and strategic decisions for the organisation. We particularly welcome applications from people organising or campaigning around NEON’s key battlegrounds which are precarious work, climate justice, housing, migrants right and healthcare, although we also encourage applications from folks working on issues outside of this list. We are keen to support applicants who have experienced injustice firsthand and who are marginalised by structural inequality. 

Contact Carrie Magee, Head of Movement Coaching, if you have any questions:


“We have created a functioning DNA which informed our recruitment process and our communications. We have a clearer idea of our workstreams and how they connect – and have a stronger team because of it.”  Ruby Breward, Greater Manchester Housing Action

“OrgBuilders offers you invaluable time to confront the challenges your collective, organisation or action group faces and make significant changes to improve its functioning, sustainability and impact.” Lucy Mason, Tripod 

“The impact the training has had on the network is clarity of purpose of the network, better internal communication in the network, a better website and digital communications process. We are now clear on the next steps for our growth.” Cheryl Bowen, Museum Detox

“OrgBuilders is a fantastic training programme. It involves incredibly useful coaching. Every session leads to new insights and perspectives which help to take your organisation forward. You can feel supported in growing and developing a strong, sustainable, scalable organisation.” Cat Hobbs, We Own It

“The coaching and one-to-one support were incredibly useful and helpful. The coaching provided partnership and someone to bounce ideas off, as we developed our organisational strategy.” Rizwan Hussain, Jawaab


We thank the programme’s main funders Friends Provident and Trust for London for making OrgBuilders possible. It is our hope to grow the programme, so if you are interested in supporting us to grow our impact, then please get in touch!