Press Officer Network


The Press Officer Network is a programme run by the Comms Hub to support press officers working in groups and organisations that campaign, organise, support and communicate about progressive and diverse issues.

For many of us working in campaigns we’re in a constant battle to get good media coverage for our organisations. Often we work alone or in small teams – and there’s no training or support out there specifically aimed at helping progressives improve their impact.

***Applications for the next Press Officer School are now open – DEADLINE 9AM MONDAY 20TH MAY***


The programme consists of:

  • The Press Officer Network – a place to connect with others working on communicating progressive stories, to get support and advice from the Comms Hub and each other.  You can apply to join the network here.
  • A one day Press Officer School, for those who are newer to the job or want to refresh their skills.  We cover basic press officer skills, writing and pitching press releases and comment pieces, building up media contacts and how broadcasters work.
  • Access to our press officer handbook, which we’re developing alongside the training
  • Monthly events featuring speakers from media outlets followed by a social.  These have included Guardian comment editors, and a news editor from the Huffington Post.

Who is the Press Officer School for?

  • Press Officers working in grassroots and small organisations – and those in larger organisations who are just starting out or want to refresh their skills.  
  • People with little to some experience of press and comms work. We encourage press officers who have just started in their positions to come along.

Upcoming training and events

The next Press Officer School will take place on Saturday 1st June, in London.  Applications are now open, and the deadline is 9am on Monday 20th May.

Look out for information on the next monthly Press Officer Social.


When is the next Press Officer School? Saturday 1st June.  This training will be for those who are newer to the job or want to refresh their skills.  We will be running an Advanced Press Officer School later in the year.

How much is the Press Officer School? Between £0-£150 (depending on how much you/your organisation can afford)

Who are the trainers? The last training we had an editor from one of Britain’s most influential comment desks and an experienced broadcaster from the BBC, alongside press officers with over a decade of experience between them.

Who designed the course? The course is being run by NEON with the help of press officers from some of Britain’s biggest campaigning groups, and grassroots organisations. We’ve collectively booked well over 1,000 TV/Radio bookings on the Spokesperson Network alone.

This programme is part of a wider programme to substantially boost progressive communications infrastructure, along with our other programmes the Spokesperson Network, and the Regional Spokesperson Network.