Enhancing the skills and capacity for Organisers to build power

Applications are now open!

Deadline for applications is end of the day, 5th July

What's the programme?

The goal of NEON’s Transformative Organising programme is to enhance the learning, skills and capacity of organisers to build power among large groups of people crucial for the success of our movements, and based in justice and solidarity.

Across the UK there are lots of excellent campaigners, activists and organisers. But from talking to many of them, we know that there is a desire for a more comprehensive programmatic offering around organising and an attempt to start codifying what effective practice looks like in the UK. Often organising is being done in an ad hoc way, with a plethora of buzz words coming in to stand for a more systematic and value-driven approach to the practice—strengthening long-term capacity, developing leaders and transforming relationships of power and oppression while building our own power needed to win. This training provides an adaptable set of practical tools to do just that.

These tools are part of an organising approach that NEON sees as being centred in the transformation of both the individual and society necessary for large scale systemic change. The programme explores where such transformation lies within the history, politics, and practice of organising, focusing on methodologies that participants can use in their daily work. The programme will also create a network of organisers with a shared practice who can support and learn from each other in the struggles to come.

In developing this training, NEON has drawn on a host of skills, knowledge and know-how from people who’ve done this work and spent decades thinking and learning from best practice. This includes creating core content with Andrea Gibbons; engaging the expertise of an Advisory Group including Jo Beardsmore, Susan Cueva, Emily Hilton, Beth Irving, Sasha Josette, Hannah Martin, Ian Manborde, Nim Ralph and Anna Vickerstaff; and working collaboratively with trainers Emma Biermann, Vanessa Faloye and James Robertson.

We hope to ground organising as a methodological practice that is transformational in approach, adaptable in practice and capable of opening up room for flexibility and creativity. Above all it hopes to ask the right questions to guide an ever deeper transformational approach while providing the hands-on tools you need to supercharge your organising practice.

Who is it for?

The Transformative Organising programme will be run for multiple movement spaces, but the first iteration focuses on housing, and is for anyone who is organising within this movement across the UK. You might be part of formal or more informal organisations/groups that are intentionally working to build the collective power of those most affected by an unjust housing system.

The tools incorporated in the program have been developed through a long and broad tradition of organising, and we believe it meets a need for deep-rooted work in key communities able to expand and complement current work in the UK. While most of the content covered throughout the programme will be useful to anyone undertaking any level of organising, we are particularly keen to work with those interested in looking at how we better embed anti-oppression, liberation and radical social transformation into our practice.

Transformative Organising will be made up of people who understand the importance of self-reflection, willingness to listen and learn from those we work with and the importance of self and collective care in the work we do. We believe that building and sustaining a culture based on solidarity is central to the change we want to see. We see ongoing collaboration in further sharing both challenges and best practices, along with the further collective development of these tools, as central to any successful social movement. We therefore ask that participants be open to being a part of an ongoing community of practice with NEON by joining our network of organisers.

If in your current organising you find yourself needing a space for learning, reflection and experimentation, along with other people who are in the same fight, this programme is for you. And if you’re unsure, give us a shout! We’d be happy to arrange a chat to help you figure it out. Just contact Gauri at

When and where is it, is it for me, and how do I apply?

When :
3 days in July:
28th July: 9.30-5pm
29th July: 9.30-5pm
30th July: 9.30-5pm

2 follow-on days in October
4th October
5th October

Final follow-on day
27th Oct (TBC)

*You must be able to attend all of the sessions in order to apply. The programme has been designed so that subsequent tools build from each other, and with the intention of giving the time in between needed to reflect on and experiment with your practice with a cohort of others

Where :
The programme will be run online using Zoom.

This program is for anyone who is organising in the housing movement in the UK. You might be part of formal or more informal organisations or groups that are intentionally working to build the collective power of those most affected by an unjust housing system. Whether you are a seasoned practitioner, or just starting out, NEON believes that as organisers we need spaces to reflect on our practice, to learn from others and the wider methodology, and for experimentation. If you agree, this is for you!

Requirements & Access:
All participants will need a computer with video camera and audio functions and a strong internet connection for optimal learning. For those who need it, we can support you by providing laptops and dongles – there’s a section on the form for you to let us know about this.

We can also contribute to cover costs of childcare, or anything else you might need to be able to attend. Again, you can let us know using the form.

We’ll be working with advisors to ensure accessibility for people with a range of different needs and learning styles, but if you have any questions about what this could look like, just drop us a line.

Grassroots/Unpaid Organiser: Free
Small Org (annual budget circa £100k): £200
Medium Org (annual budget circa £500k): £500
Large Org (annual budget circa £2m+): £1000

** These fees are flexible and we don’t want cost to be a deterrent for anyone applying – you can drop us a line about this or outline your needs in the application form.**

Deadline for applications is end of the day, 5th July

For more information, and if you have any questions, get in touch with Gauri Goyal, Head of Organising, at