Online Tools and Resources

We’ll be updating this page as we find new resources to help us all organise online, so check back.  If you find any useful resources you think we should include on this list, email


There are an increasing number of platforms out there for holding spaces online. Some are better for facilitation, some are better for training, so depending on what you’re doing it’s worth thinking through what platform would work best and balancing this with other factors like cost  

Zoom, a good all rounder

Google Slides, useful for creating shared interactive documents

Crowdcast, high production value training

Miro, collaborative work and design

Slido, Interactive teaching tool

Campaign Bootcamp’s access review of different platforms

Training for Change’s guide to different platforms


There’s no need to start from scratch when there’s a whole load of free to use templates for helping you plan sessions design slides and set roles in your team. Remember to show the movement love and credit the creators if you do use them. 

Power point templates from Slides

Training for change’s google slides template

NEON’s training planning doc

Nim Ralph’s template for agreeing roles at Campaign Bootcamp

Momentum’s webinar on COVID-19 as a “moment of the whirlwind”

Top Tips

So many really awesome, super experienced people have kindly shared the wisdom so that we don’t have to learn the hard way (as much) There’s a whole load of really useful guidance out there on all things online:

A “down-and-dirty guide to leading online courses, meetings, trainings, and events during the coronavirus pandemic”

The Definitive Guide To Facilitating Remote Workshops 

A comprehensive online resource toolkit from the Facilitators for Pandemic Response Group:

Facilitating effective virtual meetings from Beth Kanter

Training for Change’s guide to getting started with online training and facilitation 

Accessibility in online meetings from Becky Morris Knight

Nim Ralph’s five part blog full of great top tips for online training and facilitation

The World Transformed’s guide to running online meetings

Working from home tips from Civil Society, and self-care during Covid-19 from Blurt Foundation

Organising Resource Library from PowerLabs

How to Beat Coronavirus Capitalism – a video discussion featuring Naomi Klein, Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor and Astra Taylor

A huge tech resource library with loads of collaborators: The Coronavirus Tech Handbook

Medium’s excellent guide on how progressives should talk about Covid-19

Tips for Specific Activities

Searching for guidance on a particular online activity, look no further…

Pandemic online icebreakers from Beth Kanter

Effective Ways to Start Meetings from Richard Cohen

Ten ways to use a spectrogram from Training for Change

How to build trust online

Establishing norms and culture online

Training for Changes tips for breakout rooms

The ANYI Institute’s webinar on strategies for Mutual Aid

Mutual Aid Resources from the ANYI Institute

The ANYI Institute’s webinar on Movement Ecology

Organising online from Blueprints for Change

Ella Baker School of Organising’s guide to setting up mutual aid groups 

Decentralised organising models from the Hum, along with their practical guidance for self-organising teams

Action Learning Associates guide to best practices in facilitation


A little tech wizardry and/or playfulness can really help lift the energy of an online session. Who knew a spinning wheel with names on it could bring so much joy. I guess we’re not getting out much 

A huge spreadsheet with nearly 100 tools to enhance your sessions

28 tools for developing ideas and making decisions online

The Spinning wheel of names!

Soundflower allows you play music to participants via platforms like Zoom